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Project Highlights

Fresh-cut webinar series

Webinar series sign-up

We held a webinar series to share our research findings with interested industry stakeholders. We covered a variety of topics relevant to the fresh and fresh-cut produce industry and retail industry. Potential webinar topics included:

  • Novel washing processes for fresh-cut produce
  • Leafy-green wash water composition, implications for water reuse and reclamation
  • Microbial community analysis in a commercial fresh-cut processing facility
  • Application of fluid dynamics modeling and image analysis to produce washing
  • Tomato packinghouse safety and cross-contamination risk during washing
  • Retail display case temperature abuse and product quality and economic implications of adding doors to refrigerated display cases

Please sign-up for the webinar series here and let us know what topics you are most interested in, should we decide to offer more in the future.