Project Highlights


Project Highlights

Fresh-cut webinar series sign-up

We are starting a new webinar series to share our research findings with interested industry stakeholders. We plan to cover a variety of topics relevant to the fresh and fresh-cut produce industry and retail industry. Potential webinar topics include:

Novel washing processes for fresh-cut produce
Leafy-green wash water composition, implications for water reuse and reclamation
Microbial community analysis in a commercial fresh-cut processing facility
Application of fluid dynamics modeling and image analysis to produce washing
Tomato packinghouse safety and cross-contamination risk during washing
Retail display case temperature abuse and product quality and economic implications of adding doors to refrigerated display cases

Please sign-up for the webinar series here and let us know what topics you are most interested in.

Check out this paper on the visualization of pathogen movement inside tomatoes.


Bourouiba Group's research on droplets and diseases in humans and plants featured by Science Friday and HHMI..


Keith Schneider's research focuses on foodborne pathogen survival in the environment, while his extension outreach efforts focused on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 

The Bourouiba Group is working on how fluid dynamics shapes pathogen transmission through water.

Researched the best way to display fresh cut produce in supermarkets.  This video ( explains how this was determined.

Developed two novel research tools, including an artificial plant surface and a microfluidic device.  Learn more in this video (

Investigated how chlorine interacts with organic load in lettuce wash water.  This video ( explains the importance of monitoring chlorine concentration closely.  

Groundbreaking research identified deficiencies in produce safety program. Scientific information is used by FDA and industry to develop a “White Paper” on preventive controls during fresh-cut produce wash processes.

Invented a microfluidic mixer (patent pending) to determine sub-second pathogen inactivation kinetics.

Invented a novel "in-flight washer" (patent pending) to remove organic exudates immediately after cutting.

Developed a chlorine-dosing program that transforms chlorine control from feedback to feedforward, eliminating trial-and-error iteration.

Developed biomimetic plant surface fabrication technology that facilitates reproducible studies of microbial disinfection and eliminates leaf-to-leaf variability in experiments with real produce.

Developed and tested a cost-effective approach to reduce temperature abuse and minimize pathogen proliferation during retail display of bagged salad.


Engaged and empowered stakeholders with scientific information.